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Meet Ariane

Meet Ariane

Welcome to my place! I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Ariane Sommer, wellness wizard, published author, child of the world, food artiste and activist. In this space I’ll share with you what I learned on my global journey about personal and planetary health, spiritual bliss, living the “Plantiful Life” and optimizing yourself on all levels, some of the most delicious recipes on Earth and how this is all connected.

Why this is important to me and why it could be for you!

From being just a wee little one at 8-weeks old, when I moved from Germany to West Africa, I’ve been a child of the world and had a near insatiable appetite on every front imaginable. I love life and all it has to offer. Food was and is no exception. Fifteen years ago I was a soda guzzling, fast food loving, work all day and dance all night, meat eating tornado. At the same time I had to look put together in front of a camera and function as a model and a TV host. I was perpetually exhausted, often sick with a cold or the flu and suffered from psoriasis, acne and migraines. I now realize that my body was in a state of chronic inflammation. On top of the physical signs of sickness I felt mentally and spiritually drained. I was constantly fighting mood swings and depression. I was literally “fed up” with the life I’d been living and yearned for true wellbeing. Thankfully, I did what you can also do: I took charge of my health and changed the way I ate. I went from living pitifully to living plantifully. Little did I know how much this would set me on a journey of change and also transform me spiritually. It transformed my inner life and how I relate: to myself, to others and virtually everything. Today I am blessed with radiant health, have energy to bounce off walls, feel centered and have a deep sense of belonging and purpose. If I can do it, so can you!


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Ariane Sommer

Ariane Sommer is a published author, journalist, speaker and wellness expert. Her past accomplishments also include an international modeling career and working as a TV presenter hosting lifestyle and cooking shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ariane is a passionate humanitarian and animal rights activist. Growing up as the daughter of a German ambassador and moving from Germany to West Africa as a wee little one, just 8-weeks of age, began a whirlwind life adventure that tossed her all over the globe. Ariane grew up in diverse cultures far different from her German roots. As a result of being exposed to people from all over the planet and, in fact living with them in Africa, India, Spain, France, China, Italy, Germany, the UK and the US, Ariane has learned to love to embrace all cultures and is fluent in five languages.

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